Star rail Selective Starter

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Account Information Overview:

  • Delivery: Account ID and password sent directly (email linkage possible).
  • Game Progress: Noted separately for each product.
  • Payments: None to date.
  • Compatibility: Playable on both Android and iOS, global version.
  • Features: Beginner warp option available.

Important Notice Before Purchase:

    • Problems with logging in and changing account information on the official website may occur immediately after purchase or within 24 hours. This issue arises when access is temporarily blocked due to suspicions of hacking when there is a change in the country IP.
    • To prevent or resolve this issue within 2-3 days, it is necessary to proceed to payment immediately after receiving the product and pay the minimum charge. Refunds will not be issued for problems caused by these reasons

How to Purchase:

  1. Visit the catalog website, choose characters or servers, and click “search”.
  2. You’ll see a list of available accounts, each with its own product code.
  3. Click to connect with a service agent and send them “the search link and product code”.

Use this for reference when selecting a server for translation purposes. It is not the actual list of servers in the game.

Global(国际服) EU(欧服) North America(北美服/美服)  Asia(亚服) Southeast Asia(东南亚服) Japan(日服) Taiwan(港台服) Korea(韩服)

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