Privacy Policy for Mobile Game Account Store

  1. Collection of Personal Information:

    • This store may collect the following personal information from buyers for the purpose of account sales and related services: name, email address, payment information (such as credit card numbers).
  2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information:

    • The collected personal information will only be used for the purposes of account sales and related service provision, transaction processing, and customer support.
  3. Retention and Protection of Personal Information:

    • Collected personal information will be promptly deleted or securely stored after completion of sales and service provision.
  4. Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information:

    • This store may disclose personal information in accordance with legal requirements, and otherwise will not share personal information with third parties without the buyer’s consent.
  5. Use of Cookies:

    • This store uses cookies to track buyer activity and improve user experience. Buyers may consent to the collection and use of cookies.
  6. Rights Regarding Personal Information:

    • Buyers have the right to request access to and modification of their personal information, and may request deletion of personal information if necessary.
  7. Personal Information Manager:

    • Contact information for the person responsible for personal information protection and management is provided. Buyers may inquire about personal information handling.
  8. Changes to Privacy Policy:

    • This store reserves the right to change the privacy policy, with any changes being announced on the website.
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