SOLO LEVELING: ARISE Selective Starter

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Account Details Overview:

  • Shipping: Linked, with the seller’s ID and password provided.
  • Progression: Tutorial completed
  • Payment History: None recorded

Game Compatibility: Supports Android and iOS platforms

How to Purchase:

  1. Visit the catalog website, choose characters or servers, and click “search”.
  2. You’ll see a list of available accounts, each with its own product code.
  3. Click to connect with a service agent and send them the search link and product code.
Use this for reference when selecting a server for translation purposes. It is not the actual list of servers in the game.

Global(国际服) EU(欧服) North America(北美服/美服)  Asia(亚服) Southeast Asia(东南亚服) Japan(日服) Taiwan(港台服) Korea(韩服)

The server for this game is shared globally. However, the rankings within the game are divided by region. Players can choose their ranking region when they reach Level 7.

Catalog Access:

(Guest account, level6, you can choose your rank region at level7)http://www.ak07.cn/game/dzsj.php

(Over level7, Random region rankings)https://show898.com/xk/wdzsj

(Over level7, Random region rankings)http://my.jiankj.cn:81/Games/SLA/



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