Wuthering Waves Selective Starter

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Account Details Overview:

  • Shipping: Linked, with the seller’s ID and password provided.
  • Progression: Tutorial completed
  • Payment History: None recorded
  • Novice banner available

Game Compatibility: Supports Android and iOS platforms


How to Purchase:

  1. Visit the catalog website, choose characters or servers, and click “search”.
  2. You’ll see a list of available accounts, each with its own product code.
  3. Click to connect with a service agent and send them “the search link and product code”.

Use this for reference when selecting a server for translation purposes. It is not the actual list of servers in the game.

Global(国际服) EU(欧服) North America(北美服/美服)  Asia(亚服) Southeast Asia(东南亚服) Japan(日服) Taiwan(港台服) Korea(韩服)

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