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Selective starter

Account information
1. Account status- Miho ID
2. Shipping method- Delivery Seller's account ID and Password
(You can link your email)
3. Story progression- Separate labeling by product
4. Payment history- None

5. OS- Android & IOS cross platform game

6. Global version

7. Beginner warp is available

  1. Important Notice Before buying Star rail accounts

    1. Please read this notice carefully before using our service. We can not provide any refunds for illegal program issue. My suppliers don't give me a refund for the issue at all.

    1. 2. There is an issue with some accounts being randomly locked by too many request error. Due to a change in login country IP, you are experiencing the issue. You need to buy gems for 1usd on the official website and then you will be able to log in after 48 hours.

Catalog: Star-A1

Catalog: Star-A2


How to use the catalog and purchase guide:
1. Go to the catalog link
2. Select your server, story progress and character, and then click search
(If the product you're looking for isn't available, an empty page will appear)
3. Copy the Product ID from the list, and then click "CONTACT US"
4. Send the Catalog name & Product ID to the support ticket
5. We will check the price and guide you on the shipping method

Please refer to the picture below for selecting your server

Starting from:


Free shipping: Worldwide